What is the minimal firmware version for the usage of a PCD7.R400 produced after April 2010?

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Beginning in May 2010 (calendar week 18) the PCD7.R400 have been equipped with a new flash memory component because the previously used type has no longer been available on the market.

This FAQ contains the minimal firmware versions to be used for writing on the new PCD7.R400.


Minimal firmware versions for writing a backup on a PCD7.R400 produced after week 18 of the year 2010

  • PCD2.M170: 0F1
  • PCD2.M177: 3.123
  • PCD2.M480: 1.08.53
  • PCD2.M487: 1.10.53 (or 1.08.53)

This restriction does not concern the reading. A backup written to the R400 (with a new firmware) can be restored from the R400 with any older firmware version on the PCD.



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