Why doesn't the PCD3.T660 accept any configuration anymore?

FAQ #101289

In case the Ethernet RIO stays in a state where it waits for its first configuration and the status LED remains red. IN this situatino the configuration webpage works, but the status LED stays red.

A total reset will bring it back to working condition.


The Ethernet RIO PCD3.T660 ignores configuration sent by a PCD and stays in a unusable state where its status LED stays red. The configuration webpage is working but not the download of the configuration with the "Send config"-FBox. Changing the IP doesn't help either. The device is stucked.

In order to re-use this device, please follow the procudure below:

  • Power the Ethernet RIO off, then on again.
  • Immediatly start pressing and holding the button just next to the Ethernet port. The status LED will begin to flash red.
  • Keep holding the button until the LED starts flashing red/green/off (takes around 30 seconds).
  • Release the button and wait some seconds until the flashing stops.

After this procedure all settings of the RIO are reset.
Now please re-configure the RIO via its configuration webpage again. See linked FAQ 101290 on how you can perform this task. After this new configuration the RIO will again accept the configuration sent by the PCD.



PCD3 / T660

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