Why do I have problems to connect to the Webapplication through a Webpanel CE?

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The error message: cgi order values failed appers and "No Message" is displayed instead of the PPO value.


The Webpanel CE is connected to a PCD or PCS over a serial port using Webconnect. On the Webpanel, the application works well.
Other PC's should connect to the webapplication through this Webpanel. The Website is displayed correctly but there is an error message: cgi order values failed and instead of the PPO values there is "No Message" displayed in every variable field.

The CE panel is connected over Webconnect. If a PC wants to connect to the webapplication over this Webpanel, you have to type not only the IP address but as well the Webconncet connection name and the name of the startpage:
image address of the CE panel
pcs=Name of the Webconnect connection
start.htm=Name of the startpage



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