Send SMS text with referenced PCD variables"$Rxxxx" in the text.

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With the use of newer PCD FW it's possible to insert "$R, $L, @L…." syntax on the text which should be send as a SMS.

This allows that the "$R, $L, @L…." syntax can be used in a SMS Text, if a analogue, ISDN or GMS modem is connected to the PCD.


List of the minimal FW which is needed to support the “$R, $L, @L….“ syntax on the SMS text for analogue and ISDN modems:

PCD typeMinimum
FW version

To support the “$R, $L, @L….“ syntax you need also at least the version 2.5.300 of the Modem F-Box.
These F-Boxes are installed automatically with PG5 version 1.4.300 or newer. 

On the F-Box “Call SMS” you have to set the option:
“Convert $-command in text” to yes.   


For older FW there are the following restriction:

  • Only if the PCD is connected to a GSM modem it is possible to use the “$R, $L, @L….“ syntax in the SMS text.
  • If the PCD is connected to an analogue or ISDN modem, it isn't possible using the “$R, $L, @L….“ syntax on the SMS text. However, there is a possibility to use register values on a SMS text on analogue or ISDN modems: You have to use the Fbox "convert  text integer" (see below).

Usage of the "convert text integer" FBox (only used for older firmware versions)
This FBox allows inserting integer values in to the SMS text.
The content of an input text is copied into an output text. The $ characters placed in the input text are replaced by value connected to the FBox input. Each $ character in the input text define the position of value of the Fbox input taken in increasing order.
The first $ character is replaced by the value 0, the second one is replace with the value 1, and so on.
The format must be selected in the FBox for each value. This FBox can be used to place variables values in a text for protocol where reference to PCD variable cannot be used. See the topic Text syntax for SEND FBoxes .Using this FBox, the conversion is made by the FBox and not by the firmware. This will also increase the CPU execution time. The output text must be a RAM Text. Its content can be blank in the file. The size of the text must be set to a reasonable value to receive the converted text. 
See also the online help of the FBox „convert text integer”.


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