Which DALI interface from Tridonic is needed in which case?

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If the PCD2.F2610 or PCD3.F261 Dali communication modules are used:

There is no need to use a Tridonic interface.

The whole DALI configuration is done with the Dali F-Box over the F2610/F261 modules


If the DALI communication is done over the serial line of the PCD and a external DALI interface:

For the programmation of the lights in the DALI network Tridonic offers a tool.

Additionaly an USB interface is necessary.

For the communication with the PCD a serial interface is needed.


If the DALI communication is done over the PCD2.F2610 or PCD3.F261 DALI communication module:
The configuration of the Dali device can be done over the PG5 F-Boxes and/or the Web-page.
There are F-Box for the addressing, and configuration of the Dali devices as for the definition of groups and scenes.
There is no need to use a external tool.

The solution with the PCD2.F2610/PCD3.F261 does replace the solution with the external DALI interface from Tridonic.

If the DALI communication is done over the serial line of the PCD and a external DALI interface:

Preparation of the Dali devices:
To use a DALI device with the PCD it is necessary to set some parameters in advance.
At least the device address has to be configured.
Additionally it is possible to create groups and scenes. If some devices are in a group, it is possible to switch them off/on together etc.
For this configuration you will need a tool from TRIDONIC, which is freeware www.tridonicatco.com an USB interface order number 24138923 and the power supply order number 24034323 from TRIDONIC. Note that the serial interface is not supported by the new configuration tool and the old tool is not available anymore.

PG5 programming and operation:
In PG5 there are FBoxes available for DALI.
The DALI Bus has to be connected to a serial port on the PCD. Therefore you will need the SCI interface from TRIDONIC: order number 24033463. This device is not listed in the TRIDONIC catalogue because it is not supported by the current programming tool, otherwise it is still available and not obsolete.


  • 18.12.2010
    Please note that there is also an SCI2 interface available (which will replace the SCI1 interface).
    The SCI2 interface is not supported by the FBox library.
    When ordering an interface, please specify that you need a SCI1 interface (which will be available until summer 2011 at least). 
  • 12.05.2010
    The tool for the configuration of the DALI lamps over the serial interface is available again on the TRIDONIC homepage. Search for WinDim in orderr to find it.


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