How can DALI deviced be addressed?

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The DALI FBoxes offer the possiblility to access the lights with broadcast (every light on the bus), short (just a single light) or group (a defined group of lights). This different addressing is only possible if the lights are configured.


DALI lights can only be accesed using broadcast commands. How is it possible to address the lights?

The addressing of the lights is possible using the tool from TRIDONIC Additionally the serial communication modul from TRIDONIC is needed. Either the communication modul for the serial port which can be used for the PCD communication as well, or the more comfortable module for USB communication which can not be used on the PCD. Otherwise the USB programming tool offers more possibilities. It is per example possible to change the addressing of the lights. With the serial tool the addressing is random and cannot be adapted by the user.

Important to know
The WinDim tool from TRIDONIC which must be used for the addressing and group/scene configuration is addressing the groups and scenes from 1 to 16. In fact on the bus the addresses are from 0 to 15. As well our F-Boxes are working with addresses from 0 to 15. So keep in mind that if you configure a group/scene in the WinDim tool you have to use the address -1 in the F-Boxes. Per example: WinDim address: group 3, FBox address: group 2

A short description and a program example is available on request from pcdsupport.



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