Replacement possibilities for PCD2.W1xx modules

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In 2007 the analogue input modules PCD2.W1xx have been discontinued. This FAQ suggests possible replacement modules depending on the measured signals and the required resolution.


Replacement modules for PCD2.W1xx
The table below contains possible replacement modules for the discontinued PCD2.W1xx modules (all PCD2.W1xx had 4 input channels and 12 bit resolution).

Module  CharacteristicsReplacement Characteristics Remark 
 W100 0..10 V, -10..0 V, ±10 V W3050..10 V, 12 bit, 7channelsgalvanic separation
 W325±10 V, 12 bit, 7 channelsgalvanic separation
 W3000..10 V, 12bit, 8 channels 
 W105 0..20 mA, -20..0 mA, ±20 mA W3150..20 mA, 12 bit, 7 channelsgalvanic separation
 W3100..20 mA, 12 bit, 8 channels 
 W110 Pt 100 -50..+150 °C W745Universal temperature measurement
module, 16 bit, 4 channels
galvanic separation
 W111 Ni 100 -50..+150 °C
 W112 Pt 1000 -50..+150 °C
 W113 Ni 1000 -50..+150 °C
 W114 Pt 100 0..+350 °C

Please note
The W1xx modules can not be replaced by other analogue input modules without adapting the user program of the according PCD! The FBoxes (or the IL code) for reading the analogue inputs need to be replaced with the FBox/IL code for the replacement module!

Repair service for PCD2.W1xx
PCD2.W1xx modules will be repaired by Saia-Burgess Controls AG until 31.12.2012.



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