Where can I plug flash memory modules on a PCD3 CPU?

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There are various possibilities to plug flash memory modules (PCD7.R500, PCD7.R550M04, PCD7.R551M04, PCD7.R560 and PCD7.R561) on the CPUs.


It’s possible to plug the PCD7.R500, PCD7.R550M04, PCD7.R551M04, PCD7.R560 and PCD7.R561 modules in the following slots:

  • M1 and M2 of the PCD3.M5/6 CPUs
  • Memory module holder PCD3.R550 in the slots 0 to 3 of the PCD3.Mxx0 CPUs
  • Memory module holder PCD3.R560 in the slots 0 to 3 of the PCD3.Mxx0 CPUs
  • Communication module PCD3.F1xx only in the slot 0 of the PCD3.Mxx0 CPU's

The "backup user program" functionality does work on any of the above mentioned slots if the module PCD7.R500, PCD7.F551M04 or PCD7.R561 are used.



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