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It is possible to send SMS by sending Emails to a provider that will transfer them to SMS messages. This requires an Internet connection (DSL, or GPRS / UMTS)


In Switzerland we have tested the 2 following solutions:

1) Bluewin

- ADSL connection from Swisscom / Bluewin
- You have to set up a Bluewin Email account to be able to send an mails (included with ADSL connection)
If you have an ADSL connection from Bluewin and at least a DSL Mini Abo, the "Service Package Classic" is included.

30 SMS/month are free of charge and each additional one costs 0.10 Fr. (This was valid Nov. 2013. For more information you have to contact swisscom)

Use the following syntax / procedure:

1. You have to use the FBoxes Adv. Text Mail Initialization and Adv. Text Mail Send.
Additional information how to send Emails with Bluewin can be obtained in FAQ # 101020

2. In the "to" field enter the phone number and then (example:

3. The SMS Text can be entered in either "subject" and/or in the Email Text field

2) Ecall


- works independently from Internet-Provider
- Configuration an email account by any Provider. The Provider must offer the possibility to send emails without SSL-encoding. (for this reason for example Gmail from Google is not appropriate)

More details in this link:



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