Is it possible to have more than one MP-Bus master in a Fupla File?

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It was not possible before the MP-Bus library 2.5.300 which was distributed with PG5 1.4.300.


Since the new PCD3.F2xx modules where developped it was possible to have up to 8 MP-Bus Masters in a project. With the old MP-Bus Belimo library it was not possible to have more than one master in a Fupla file.

With the new MP-Bus library >=2.5.300 it is now possible to have several MP-Bus Masters in one project. The master now have a name "Channel" and the differnet F-Boxes refer to this "Channel".

If an old project is converted to the Belimo MP Bus Version 2.5.300 / 2.5.301 it could be, that compiling is not possible anymore due to a conflict. In this case install the version 2.5.302 or higher (FAQ 100 957).



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