Why is it no more possible to build an old Belimo MP-Bus project with PG5 1.4.300?

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There are error messages displayed for each old FBox that it should be replaced.


After installing the new version of the Belimo library which allows to have more than one MP-Bus Master in a Fupla file, it is not possible anymore to build the old projects.

The MP-Bus Belimo library 2.5.300 and 2.5.301 had an incompatibility with older MP-Bus Versions. The library 2.5.300 was distributed with PG5 1.4.300.

Please update your MP-Bus FBox library version to version 2.5.302 or higher. The latest version of the FBox library can be downloaded from the support site in the section "Product information" --> "Software" --> "PG5" --> "FBox libraries".



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