Incompatibility between pilot versions of PCD7.D23x and PG5 1.4.200

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Not all pilot- and prototype versions of PCD7.D23x are compatible with PG5 1.4.200.


When programming a PCD with a PCD7.D23x (a pilot- or prototype version) with PG5 1.4.200, it may happen that the display jumps back to the root menu while browsing the menu. This is the same phenomenon as described in FAQ 100829, but if the PCD7.D23x is from a pilot- or prototype version, the usage of the HMI Editor 1.4.213 or 1.4.301 does not solve the problem in every case.

Concerned systems
In general only pilot- and prototype versions are concerned by this incompatibility. These versions have been distributed for presentation purposes as prototype without guarantee of future HMI support. The concerned systems have been delivered before February 2004.
The concerned systems are:

  • Hardware version A (including $A, $A.0 and A.0) with any firmware version
  • Hardware version B with firmware 021 (HW B with FW 021 is no longer comptatible with PG5 1.4.200 or higher!)
  • Hardware version B with firmware 023 (HW B with FW 023 requires PG5 SP 1.4.300 or higher).

Not concerned systems
All official hardware versions (C and higher) of the PCD7.D23x are not concerned by this incompatibility, given the HMI Editor 1.4.213 or higher is used. Hardware version C has been delivered starting in February 2004.

It is recommended to replace an old hardware (A or B with FW older than 023) by a new one. For HW B and firmware 023 and higher, please update to PG5 1.4.300 (which contains the HMI library 1.4.301).



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