Why does my PCD7.D23x jump back to the root menu while I'm working on it?

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An incompatibilty between old hardware versions of the PCD7.D23x and the HMI Editor distributed together with PG5 1.4.200 can cause the PCD7.D23x to jump back to the root menu while browsing the menu structure.


While browsing the PCD7.D23x, all of the sudden the display jumps back to the root menu. It is possible that this behaviour has not been present until PG5 1.4.200 has been installed and the project has been compiled/built with this version. The higher the baud rate between the PCD and the display, the more often this behaviour can be observed. The hardware version of the display concerned is older than version D.

This problem is caused by an incompatibilty between older chipsets used in the PCD7.D23x and the HMI Editor 1.4.210. The character sent by older displays (in case they are not ready to respond to a request) causes the HMI program to jump back to the root menu.

The HMI Editor 1.4.301 and the corresponding library distributed with PG5 1.4.300 do solve the problem. (The correction has been implemented in HMI Editor library version 1.4.213)
Additionally, no baudrate higher than 9600 is recommended for hardware version C.

Please also refer to the FAQ 100832 linked below for further information.



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