PCD7.D23x on PCS1 port 2 doesn't work properly!

FAQ #100755

Once entered in the strucure, the root menu appears again after a few seconds. So it isn't possible to stay in the structure/object because it comes back automaticaly in the root menu after 5-10 seconds!


This problem is present with PCS1 and Displays PCD7.D23x older Hardware version and newer Version of the HMI editor (1.4 100 to 200) using the default parameters RS 232 / 9600 Bauts / RTS/CTS.


Used the latest HMI Library 1.4 213 or newer where the correction is implemented!

If the PCS1 has an old FW version it might also needed to update it to the actual FW version (0C1 or newer). If the PCS1 is older than january 2004 see FAQ 100384!




PCD7 / D23x

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