Firmware and boot update on PCS1 produced before january 2004

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The latest firmware versions for PCS1 require a boot version of 090 or more recent to be downloaded. PCS1 with hardware version E (original FW version 0A1, produced after April 2004) are already equiped with an appropriate boot version, earlier PCS1 can be updated using the attached tool.


How to update the boot and firmware:

  1. connect to the PCS1 using a PCD8.K111 programming cable
  2. run the attached .exe file using PG5 1.3. This tool has been introduced to make the update more safe, as the right files with the right options are downloaded
    If you have PG5 1.4 insteed jump to point 8!
  3. go to the file, settings menu and check that the connection is in PGU mode
  4. press the start button (the boot and the firmware are updated, wait for the download to be finished)
  5. if the download fails at the end, it could be that the unit is affected by a problem encountered with units produced between week 48 in 2003 and week 12 in 2004, where a firmware update cannot be done by the user and the units have to be returned to the factory for a firmware update. If the production date of the unit is not in the mentioned range, try to run the update a second time
  6. quit the tool with the exit button
  7. as the tool downloads the firmware version 0B0, you may wish to download a more recent version, use the online-configurator of PG5 to do this in the usual manner
  8. Only if the exe file can't be used!
    Use the attached description FW_Boot_dwld.doc with the Boot and FW in attached zipp file. Note: if the download failed refer to point 5 above!



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