How to remove a forgotten setup password from a MicroBrowser (MB) web panel?

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To prevent unwanted changes to the configuration of a MicroBrowser web panel (PCD7.D4xxx) a setup password can be defined. The normal way to remove this password is to open the setup again and simply enter a blank string in the password page. When, however, the password is not known anymore, the setup pages cannot be opened. Fortunately, there are two possible solutions for this dilemma!


Solution 1: Delete the password file

1. Use a FTP client program to connect to the MB panel via FTP
2. Go to the following location: /INTFLASH/CONFIG
3. Delete the file PASSWD.DAT
4. Power down the panel and switch it on again
5. Done - now the setup password will be removed!

Solution 2: Reset panel to factory defaults

WARNING: Solution 2 should only be used when FTP access is not possible, e.g. when the FTP login details are not known or the FTP session can not be established for any reason. Since the panel's file system is completely rebuild during the reset process, stored files and all settings will be lost!

1. Power down the panel
2. Press and hold down the reset button*, at the same time, power on the panel
3. After about 5 seconds, the buzzer is switched on and its frequency is increasing
4. Once the buzzer sound (resp. frequency) does not change anymore (normally after about 10 seconds), you can release the reset button
5. WAIT, DO NOT SWITCH OFF THE PANEL, since now the panel's firmware rebuilds the whole memory and recovers all default files
6. The rebuild and recover process may take between 1 or 2 minutes - a
fterwards the panel will do an automatic reboot
Calibrate the touchscreen carefully when the panel ask you to do so
8. Done - now the panel is back on factory defaults! 

*see User Manual 26-851 for the exact position of the reset button



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