FTP clients to access the FTP server on Saia-Burgess Controls AG PCD® systems.

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If you work with 'Filezilla' or other FTP clients, to access the FTP server on SBC PCD® systems take care about this remark about the active or passive FTP connection.

PCD FW < 1.22.xx does support only the FTP active mode.

PCD FW >= 1.22 xx does support the FTP active and passive mode.


You can download this freeware on www.filezilla.de in the version that fits with your operating system.
It's Multilanguage and comes along with some nice features as 'Drag&Drop', 'Upload/Download Queue', 'Keep-Alive-System'.

There's only one detail you have to be aware when you use the PCD FW < 1.22.xx:
You must use 'Filezilla' in the 'active' mode.
Per default 'Filezilla' runs in 'passive' mode and therefore it's necessary to change the connection to 'active' mode as described in the user manual for 'PCD3.R600' in the chapter 'Examples for connecting the PCD® FTP-Server' under 'Filezilla'.

If you use the PCD FW >= 1.22.xx you can also use 'Filezilla' in the 'passive' mode!



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