PC crashes when disconnecting USB cable from PCD!

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While beeing online to a PCD with PG5 (with USB) and the USB cable is disconnected from the PCD, it may happen that the SBus driver running on the PC crashes. On some PC's also blue screens related to this problem were reported!


The SCommDll (S-Bus driver on the PC) crashes if the USB cable that connects a PCD is unplugged while beeing online. The crash of the SCommDll can even lead to a blue screen on the PC.

This problem is caused by a bug in the SBC communication driver.

Install the attached patch by starting the attached installerfile (patch for PG5 1.4 130) which will update the SCommDll! This patch is solely intended for PG5 1.4.130 installations. In case you experience the above described problem with PG5 1.4.110 or 120, you need to update to PG5 1.4 130 before applying the patch!

For more infos, please read the setup dialog readme after the installation, which is located in PG5 1.4 directory



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