Bug report concerning Watch Window in PG5 SP1.4.130

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Due to a bug in PG5 SP1.4.130 it is not possible drag-and-dropping symbols from the symbol editor (SSE) to the Watch Window. If a symbol is dragged to the Watch Window the address of the symbol is not shown but "invalid address" instead.


It is not possible to drag a symbol from the Symbol Editor to the Watch Window. Concerned is the Symbol Editor (SSE) that can be shown in the Fupla Editor or in the IL Editor (SEdit).

This is a bug in PG5 SP1.4.130.

This problem can be fixed with the patch 1 for PG5 1.4.130. This patch is available on the support site in the section "Product Information"-->"PG5" or from the FAQ listed below.

Workaround (in case the patch mentioned above cannot be applied)
It is still possible drag-and-dropping a symbol from the "Data List View" in the PG5 Project Manager to the Watch Window:

  • Display the "Data List View" (select "Data List" from the PG5 Project Manager menu "View")

  • In case too many symbols are shown, select "Filter..." from the context menu of the Data List (right mouse click)

  • Apply a meaningful filter (e.g. using wild cards like MySym* or by choosing only e specific "Module")

  • Drag and drop the desired symbols from the (filtered) "Data List" to your Watch Window


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