Why does my PCD3.F180 stop communicating after a certain time?

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In some cases it can happen that the PCD3.F180 (produced between 2006 and Febrauary 2007) works well for a certain time but suddenly stops communicating. This behaviour is related to the hardware version of the PCD3.F180.


The PCD3.F180 (produced between 2006 and Febrauary 2007) works well for a certain time but suddenly stops communicating. In some cases it is also possible that it doesn't work at all.


The base print of the PCD3.F180 was designed in a way that the ground signal was not properly stabilized. This problem has been corrected in February 2007.

As solution a bridge between the PGND and the GND terminals of the PCD3.F180 can be installed. Therefore please connect the pin 0 with pin 4 on the terminals on the front of the module.

Modules produced after February 2007 are not concerned by the problem explained in this FAQ and therefore no additional bridge is required.



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