PCD3 with MP-Bus interface card PCD3.F180 - Error: No card echo

FAQ #100611

If the PCD3 is equipped with the interface card PCD3.F180 the error "no card echo" can be forced into the "single-master box" during the interface initialize process.



The error message "No card echo" is present in the Single master box.


This error message can have several reasons:

  • Wrong PCD3 slot is used. Only slot 0 can be used with the card PCD3.F180

  • Wrong channel definition. Channel 1 has to be used

  • Gateway function is defined on the Channel 1

  • Wrong terminal used for MP-communication to the actuator

  • Physically not existing MP-interface card. Please verify the plugged PCD7.F180 card into the module

  • Incompatible firmware into the PCD3 is used (i.e. Version $-26 will not work)

  • The module is concerned by the problem described in FAQ100693

  • Defect MP-interface card


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