Creating a PCD diagnostic file over modem connection with PG5 1.4

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Due to a bug the PCD diagnostic file cannot be recorded automatically with PG5 1.4 over a modem connection. The attempt to record a file fails due to a timeout and the Online Debugger remains open after the attempt.

This FAQ shows how to record the diagnostic file by calling the appropriate batch file manually.


The function "Create diagnostic file..." of the PG5 1.4 Online Configurator fails if the PCD is connected over a modem line. The online debugger is opened and prompts for going online but afterwards nothing happens.


There is a bug in the function call that avoids the correct call of the Online Debugger batch file that reads the diagnostic data from the PCD and stores it into a file on the PC.

The mentioned Online Debugger batch can also be called directly from the Online Debugger. This way the online debugger will create a file named Maillon.txt. This file is stored into the same directory as the batches are stored (by default in C:\Program Files\SAIA-Burgess\PG5 1_4\Batches\).
Procedure for reading the PCD diagnostic file by calling the batch manually:

  • Open PG5 and adjust the online parameters for connecting the PCD (over modem)

  • Open the Online Debugger ("Online Debug" from the PG5 menu "Tools" or F11)

  • In the Online Debugger, type G <Enter> (for Go Online, only if not already online)

  • Once the Online Debugger is online, type B L <Enter> (for Batch Load)

  • Browse to the PG5 installation directory into the folder Batches (C:\Program Files\SAIA-Burgess\PG5 1_4\Batches\) and select the appropriate batch file (listed below), click "OK"

  • In the Online Debugger, type B R <loaded batch name> <Enter> (for Batch Run). For the "loaded batch name" the extension is not required (--> e.g. SRec_D2Mxxx and not SRec_D2Mxxx.dba)

  • Wait until the batch has finished and close the connection. The recorded batch file is:
    C:\Program Files\SAIA-Burgess\PG5 1_4\Batches\Maillon.txt

Batch names
There is a dedicated batch file (*.dba) for each family of PCD or PCS. All the batch files for recording diagnostic information do begin with SRec_, followed by the PCD type (e.g. D2 for PCD2 or DxM170 for PCD2.M170 and PCD4.M170).

Don't run a batch created for another CPU type than really present! This can lead to unwanted results (or even a CPU crash)!



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