Strange text shown in the browser before the Web-Editor applet view

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In case your browser shows some text before and after the Web-Editor applet, it might be that at least one of your PPOs has the configured format "string" but is in fact a numeric value.


Your browser shows strange texts such as "GENERATED FROM PLC EDITOR by ININET Solutions GmbH on Friday, November 25, 2005--> " before the applet (showing the pages generated with the Web-Editor). After the Applet, some other strange characters can appear.


The reason for this phenomenon most likely is the fact that a numeric PPO does have the format "string" configured.

In order to solve this problem, open the window "PPO Initialisation". The "Init PPO..." is to be found in the menu "Project" of the Web-Editor. In this window, check the format definitions of the used PPOs. Make sure all integer medias (registers etc.) do not have the format "string" configured! 



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