Cannot find SCommDrv IP-Adress/port entry in Registry

FAQ #100225

At the first launch of PG5 or at the first attempt to connect a PCD the error message "Cannot find SCommDrv IP-Adress/port entry in Registry" is shown in case the TCP/IP protocol isn't enabled or if the user isn't a "Power User" or an "Administrator" of the concerned PC.


The reason for the requirement of TCP/IP is that the SCommDrv (SBC Communication Driver) communicates with the SCommDll via TCP/IP. This allows multiple applications to use the SCommDrv simultaneously and therefore establish a connection to a PCD at the same time.


The User needs to be a power user or an administrator because PG5 writes settings such as channel definitions into the PCs registry (which only can be edited by power users and administrators).



PG5 1.x

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