How to make systems symbols with HVC Fbox internal variables?

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The Fbox internal variables can be defined by user. This is done in the Fbox parameters window (click on the key button, defined by user) give a base address and a name can also be given there. The symbol editor create than a local symbol with an array. Eg; PID HVC Fbox has 24 registers as internal variables, the name could be "internalRegName R [24]!

So it isn't easy to acces in fupla directly each register!


The best way is to make system sysmbols out of these internal variables.
How to do: Give the FBox a name (click right on the FBox, chose Properties et type a name. Eg: PID1. So after a build the system symbols are created with the names:

In this way each symbol can be access individualy.

If a supervision has to access them a static address is necessary, this address has to be given in the FBox parameter window as descript above



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