How to import system symbols in OPC server?

FAQ #100247

When trying to import system symbola from a PG5 CPU (file: _system.sy5) no symbols are imported. In order to use system symbols in OPC server, those symbols need to have a static address, but even the system symbols have a static address when importing no symbols are imported.



The OPC server allows to import resources from a PG 4/5 project. There is the possibility to import files of 2 different types: _.sy5 and _.pcd. When importing _global.sy5 file, it works OK!
If system symbols are needed in OPC server, those symbols (with static adress) can also be imported when the file typ _pcd is selected in the import window. How to import:

  • Select the PCD (click on the icon PCD)
  • Click on the button "Import from PG"
  • Choose the file typ *.PCD
  • Browse the CPU PG5 and choos the ____.pcd file from the PG project
  • Select the symbols typ
  • Use a filter in order to import only the needed symbols

See attached document with screen shots.
Furhter information regarding the system symbols of application symbols can be found in FAQ 100250: "How to create system symbols with static adress for HVC Fboxes?" internal resources.



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