How to use the HVC (heavac or HLK) reset option?

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the HVC reset option applies to the adjust parameters of the HVC FBoxes. Depending on the mode selected the adjust parameters modified by the end user will be reset to the values entered in the Fupla program.


The reset function applies to the adjust values of all FBoxes that belong to the HVC library or the DDC Suite library.
In normal (default) case the values programmed in the FBoxes are set on every startup of the PCD. In case either the end user or the programmer has modified the online values, these modifications will be lost on next startup (or rising edge of the Res input if the "Evaluate Reset Input" was set to "In Runtime").
This behavior does make sense if the values never were initialized or if the programmer did upload the adjust parameters into his program and downloaded it again.
In case the PCD was powered off for an other reason, it may be annoying for the end user because he has to re-adjust all his settings.
This annoyance easily may be avoided by correctly using the Reset options!

In the HVC Init FBox there is the option "Evaluate Reset Input" which refers to the input  "Res" of the input.
The possible selections are "At Startup", "In Runtime" or "Never". The option "At startup" could be used together with an Input connected to the FBox. If the PCD is started while this input is high, the reset will be executed. On "normal" boots of the PCD the values modified by the end user won't be changed.

Further on there is the option "Automatic Reset" which is by default "activated". This causes the program to reset the adjust parameters on startup after a download of the program by PG5.
If the reset input is used, this option won't be used anymore and can be switched to "not activated".



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