Read and write FBox Adjust Parameters

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If a Fupla program is modified and downloaded the FBox adjust parameters of the end user will get lost. Therefore it is very important to backup (read) the FBox Parameters of the existing Fupla file before you change/modify the Fupla file.



Read FBox Adjust Parameters:
The option "Read FBox Adjus Parameters" of Fupla Editor's "Online" menu will upload all FBox online parameters of the Fupla file. The online values of the parameters will be copied into the adjust parameter field of the FBox (same behaviour as the button "<"). This will store all settings made by the end user of the PCD. After the next build of the project these values will be used as initialisation values for the Fupla program.  



Write FBox Adjust Parameters:
This option will copy the values of the adjust field in the Fupla program to the online values of the according program running on the PCD. This means that the values edited by the user will be overwritten by the values present in the Fupla file opened with the Fupla Editor (SFup). This function does the same as the button ">" in the FBox Adjust parameter windows.




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