• BACnet firmware packages for Saia PCD®


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Latest maintenance firmware package for Cosinus firmware

The lastest BACnet FW is now part of the Cosinus FW package. You can download it here.

Firmware package (WSPcert certified)

The officially approved BACnet firmware version is 1.22.29. This firmware is compatible with the PCD2/PCD3 firmware version 1.22.28 or later.

  • BACnet firmware 1.22.29
    - version for PCD1.M2 and PCD3 Power CPU (Mxx60)
    - version for PCD2.M5 and PCD3
    - version for PCD7 MB panels (programmable Panels)
  • PCD firmware 1.22.28 for
    - PCD1.M2120
    - PCD2.M5540
    - PCD3.Mxxx0
    - PCD3.Mxx60

Certified BACnet Firmwarepackage 1.22.29

Firmware Package Certified BACnet Firmwarepackage 1.22.29

EN New .zip 4.33 MB Download


For analyzing BACnet/IP communication or Ethernet communication in general, we recommend using the free software Wireshark (www.wireshark.org) or the well-known analyzer Bas-O-matic.

Good to know

The differences between the BACnet firmware version 1.10.50 and 1.16.73 are listed in FAQ 101598
The BACnet firmware packages 1.14.xx which has been available here has been removed due to performace issues of the firmware.
The BACnet firmware packages 1.10.62 which has been available here has been removed and replaced with the version 1.10.50.
To know wheter your PCD3 hardware is compatible with firmware 1.14.xx please refer to FAQ 101470
The packages from this page are to be used together and with PG5 2.0 or with PG5 V1.4.300 (patch 15) Link to the PG5 Page
When working with PG5 1.4.300 and patch 15, after the installation of the patch the file "BACnet.exe" from the installation directory is to be executed in order to install the BACnet compiler
The differences between the BACnet firmware version 1.10.50 and 1.14.26 are listed in FAQ 101598
The differences between the BACnet firmware version 1.10.24 and 1.10.62 are listed in FAQ 101454
The BACnet firmware 1.10.50 (with 1.10.51 for the PCD) increases the communication stability for upload/merge operstions, see FAQ 101417.
The BACnet firmware extension does handle the management of winter- and summer time changes.
Due to this feature the HEAVAC FBoxes are to be configured not to handle this task.
You can find several examples for BACnet configuration and according programs in the Examples Area.

The requested software / document is no longer marketed by Saia-Burgess Controls AG and without technical support. It is an older software version which can be operated only on certain now no longer commercially available products.