How to exchange .jar files on the Niagara supervisor installation like Saia PCD Supervisor or IQVision or Optimizer Suite or Arena NX?

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If you need to update the .jar files on the Niagara supervisor software, perform the following steps:

1. Make sure that you have a file with a .jar extension. 
    If you got a zip file, extract first the .jar files.

2. Copy the .jar files to the following directory:
    C:\Brand\Software-Name-Version\modules (example: C:\SBC\SaiaPCDSupervisor-\modules)

3. Open console.exe from C:\Brand\Software-Name-Version\bin and type:

  • plat uninstalldaemon followed by pressing the "Return" button
    Console should respond with "uninstalldaemon: Niagara service successfully removed."
  • plat installdaemon followed by pressing the "Return" button 
    Console should respond with "installdaemon: Niagara service successfully installed.
    installdaemon: Niagara service startup initiated."

4. Open the Workbench


Make sure to perform the steps in the correct directories.

If a different version of Niagara is running, which you would like to update, quit this version first, before starting the update procedure.

To verify the running Niagara Daemon version, open Windows Task Manager and switch to Services tab:

1. Locate Niagara Service (press "N" to jump fast down the list) and right click on the service.

2. Choose "go to details".

3. In Details tab right click on Niagarad.exe and open the properties

4. Check the given location for Niagarad.exe, for example:


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