Why it’s not possible to change the value of the analogue outputs of the PCD2.W605/W615/W625 card, if the PCD2.W6x5 card is plugged in a PCD2.C1000 or PCD2.C2000 extension?

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Due of an error on the firmware installed on the PCD2.W6x5 card with fabrication date between 1835 and 1845, the PCD2.W6x5 card doesn’t work if they are plugged on PCD2.C1000 or PCD2.C2000 extension modules.

But the PCD2.W6x5 cards works without problems if they are plugged in PCD1 and PCD2 CPU’s and PCD2.C100/C150 extension modules.


Not possible to change the analogue output value of the PCD2.W6x5 module with the application program, if the PCD2.W6x5 card is plugged in to a PCD2.C1000/C2000 extension


Concerned products:

PCD2.W6x5 cards with fabrication date between 1835 and 1845 (and firmware version on the PCD2.W6x5: 1.04.00)

Fabrication date and firmware version are visible on the white sticker on the module


Replace the concerned PCD2.W6x5 modules with new ones (fabrication date >= 1846 and firmware version on the PCD2.W6x5: >= 1.04.01

To replace the affected modules:

Order the needed number of PCD2.W6x5 modules from SBC and send the affected modules back to SBC via RMA. ‘remark 8D-SBC-18-027’


PCD2 / W6x5

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