Why on the web-editor 8 of PG5 2.2.140, the properties window is empty or tabs of the properties window are not visible?

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Together with the official PG5 2.2.140, Web Editor was released.
On this version there is a bug that lead to the situation that the properties window is empty or tabs of the properties window are not visible if the user does click on the layers in the document outline view.
If this happens, the Web Editor 8 must be closed and re-opened again.
There is a bug-fix version, Web Editor

The correction is also included in the web-editors which are supplied together with PG5 2.2.200 or later.

A correct properties view looks like this:

After the error the action tab is no more visible in the properties:

Steps to proceed in order to use the new Web Editor
1. Download the Web Editor from the support homepage as a self-extract file on your
2. Rename the actual Web Editor 8 folder under "C:\Program Files (x86)\SBC\
    PG5 V2.2.140". For example into "WebEditor8_old". You will need admin rights.
3. Start the self-extract file and choose as target: "C:\Program Files (x86)\SBC\
    PG5 V2.2.140"
5. Web Editor will now be launched as standard Web Editor with PG5 2.2.140.


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