Why is the diagnostic flag of the PCD3.T665 / T666 partially not automatically reset on the Ethernet Smart-RIO manager after Ethernet network interruption?

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In the case of Ethernet network interruption, a diagnostic flag 'S.RIO.NameXY.Diagnostic' is set in the  Ethernet Smart-RIO manager, which indicates that communication to the Ethernet Smart RIO's (PCD3.T665 / T666) is perturbed or interrupted.
If the network interruption between the Smart-RIO manager and the Smart-RIO is longer than the timeout defined in the PG5 device configurator of the Smart-RIO then the diagnostic  flag 'S.RIO.NameXY.Diagnostic' is set to 0 automatically afterword that the network interruption is no more there.
If the network interruption is shorter than the timeout which is defined the PG5 device configurator of the Smart-RIO, then the diagnostic flag 'S.RIO.NameXY.Diagnostic' remain 1.

As a result, the master can also detect very short interruptions of the Ethernet communication.

It’s necessary to set the flag to 0 with the code attached to this FAQ


To set the diagnosis flag 'S.RIO.NameXY.Diagnostic' to 0 by the user program, the following IL sequence can be programmed in PG5 or the enclosed code can be used:


            COB    0
; if there is a error on the Smart-RIO and the diagnostic should be set to 0
            STH    ClearESIODiag
            ANH    S.RIO.GlobalDiagnostic
            CPB    H CheckClearDiag


; PB to clear the Smart-RIO diagnstic information
            PB      CheckClearDiag
            STH    S.RIO.RIO_00.Diagnostic
            JR       L next
            RDP    S.RIO.RIO_00.DiagnosticID

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