Why the web-project showed on the microbrowser of PCD7.D5xxxTL Geode CE panel does freeze?

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It could happen that the web-pages showed on the microbrowser of the PCD7.D5xxxTL Geode CE panel is frozen after some time.
The values are no more update and it’s no more possible to make something.

The problem could be in relation with the caching of the http requests on the panel.
If the windows mfc http requests are cached, then files are stored on the local storage device.
If on the memory of the display the available space of the cache memory is filled up, then this could lead to the situation, that the web-pages are frozen on the microbrowser.
In MicroBrowser, this caching option for mfc http requests is set with the following tags in the uBrowser.xml.

By default the following settings are used:

To acitivate the mfc http cache:
  mfc_http_en = 1 (or 3)
  mfc_http_cache = 1

To disable the mfc http cache:
  mfc_http_cache = 0
  mfc_http_en = 0

To avoid the freeze of the web-pages displayed on the microbrowser do open the file uBrowser.xml
(located on: storagecard/microbrowser)
with a text editor and modify the two parameters:
  mfc_http_cache = 0
  mfc_http_en = 0

Do restart the PCD7.D5xxxTL after the modification

Remark about the tag: mfc_http_cache
MFC HTTP Cache <mfc_http_cache>
This option works if parameter <mfc_http_en> is enabled. It allows to set options of the Windows cache.
Default is 1 (Re-synchronize)
= 0: RELOAD: The caching is disabled, always reload the file.
= 1: RE-SYN.: Load the file from cache if it is not newer.
= 2: OFFLINE: Load the file from cache.
= 3: Use settings defined in Windows Internet Options (IE).


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