Remark about the firmware update on PCD3.M6860 or PCD3.M6880 CPU’s

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On a PCD3.M6860/M6880 it always necessary to update both CPU’s (Main CPU and Extension CPU).

It’s mandatory necessary to update first the firmware on the extension CPU, and after this the firmware on the main CPU. The firmware update can be done over any S-Bus PGU connection.

The firmware 1.26.xx or greater, can be loaded only on a PCD3.M6860/M6880 with hardware version D or greater.

It is not allowed to load a FW 1.26.xx or greater, to a PCD3.M6860/M6880 with an Hardware <D.
The latest FW which may be loaded in such a PCD is the FW 1.24.xx

If a firmware 1.26.xx or greater was loaded to PCD3.M6860/M6880 with Hardware <D, then it’s necessary to  load again a FW 1.24.xx to the PCD

If mistakenly the firmware on the main CPU was updated first, then it’s not possible to update the firmware on the extension CPU via the USB port of the Main CPU.
In this case, the update of the extension CPU must be done via the USB port of the CPU extension.

It’s possible to put the extension CPU into the CPU firmware download mode by pressing the Run / Halt button on the extension at the power on of the PCD for 3 seconds. (marked with the red circle on the picture below)
The firmware download mode will be indicated then by two Leeds near to the Run / Halt button which are flashing alternatively green/red (one LED) and yellow the other LED.
To get to this Run / Halt button on the extension, you must remove the housing of the extension.
You will need to remove the battery module and any memory modules from the PCD and loosen the screw on the extension housing.
After, remove the housing.
The Run / Stop button is located next to the Run / Stop switch


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