Why on PG5 2.1 and PG5 2.2 the winter/summer time change does not work with the 'Hevac Initx' F-Box?

FAQ #101979

If the PCD does have a FW 1.20.xx or higher and no time zone is defined in the PG5 device configurator, then the ‘Hevac Initx’ F-Box with version < 2.7.530 does not change the clock of the PCD if the winter/summer or summer/winter time change should be executed.
This problem occurs with all 'Heavac Init' F-Boxes (Hevac 4 to Heavac 8)

The correction is done in the Heavac Library 2.7.530 and consist in:
The summer/winter time change is executed
The summer/winter time status in the F-Box is updated correctly   
The parameter ‘Automatic Change’ in the F-Box is forced to ‘Device Configurator’

To fix the problem, do load the F-box library 2.7.530 or later from the update manager, update the F-Box if it’s required and compile the PG5 project and download the project to the PCD


PG5 2.1 / Fupla

PG5 2.1 / FBox Libraries

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