How I can start directly a web project from the Micro Browser App for Windows?

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You want that your web project is displayed directly on the display by starting the Micro Browser App for Windows and you do not need the configuration page for different stations. There is also a possibility to start the project directly in the Autostart on Windows startup.


Create a *.bat file which does include the following instruction.
Firstly create a new Text document. In my example I named it start.txt.
Afterwards put the following text in the file:

start C:\User\UserXY\Desktop\SBC_MB_V138.2\SBC_MicroBrowser.exe http ://

The green part is the path where the Micro Browser application is stored. The blue part is the web project which you want to start (IP Address with html file).

Save the file. Rename the file from start.txt to start.bat. Afterwards start your web project directly by double click on the *.bat file. If you want to start the application directly on windows startup, put this file in the folder Autostart.

Note: The “kiosk” mode which is known in the Windows CE and Windows7 panels does not exist on the Micro Browser App for Windows. You do not have the option to display the web project in Full screen mode.

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