How to clear stored counter values in a PCD7.H104S/SE

FAQ #101930

To write/clear the counter value in the H104S/SE, the F-Box "H104S/SE Set" must be used.


The 'clear' input from the F-Box "H104S/SE read" does clear the stored counter values (which are stored in PCD register) but not the register in the H104S/SE.
If the PCD does read the next time the values from the H104S/SE, then the old values, stored in H104S/SE are copied again in the counter register of the PCD.
Therefore the 'clear' input of the F-Box
"H104S/SE read" can not be used to clear the counter values in the H104S/SE.

To write (or clear) the counter value in the H104SE use the F-Box "H104S/SE Set".

Which register (addresses) must be written, can be found in the datasheet of H104S/SE.

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