Why does the Java-Applet for Webpages do not start anymore after the Java Update to version 1.7.0_65?

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On a 64 Bit OS system, after an update for Java to version 1.7.0_65 (July 2014), the Applet doesn't start anymore and the Browser shows just a blank page.

This trouble is caused because of incompatibility between 32 and 64 Bit components (OS, Browser, Java version).


Possible behavior:
- On a 64 Bit OS system with 32 Bit Browser, the applet doesn't start anymore in the Browser.
- The applet works and starts without any problem on 32 Bit Systems and 32 Bit Browser and 32 Bit Java.
- The applet works and starts without any problem on 64 Bit Systems and 64 Bit Browser and 64 Bit Java.

The used Browser (32/64 Bit) will define which Java version (32/64 Bit) will be installed.
Today, 24.07.2014, IE exists in a version for 32 and 64 Bit. Official Chrome and Firefox is only available as 32 Bit version. The 64 Bit versions are in beta-phase.

The below table shows the version compatibilies.

Windows OS  




 32 Bit
 32 Bit
 32 Bit
 64 Bit
 32 Bit
 32 Bit
 not OK
 64 Bit
 64 Bit
 64 Bit

We did tests with Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome

Possible solutions
- Use for example the Internet Explorer 64 Bit, which is normally already installed on Windows OS with the 64 Bit Java runtime. You'll find the IE 64 Bit version under C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe
- You can downgrade the Java runtime to the version 1.7.0_55 (available in the attachment below).

How to know which version of IE and Java is used
For IE:
On the IE go to the Help --> About Internet Explorer, window and look for "64-bit Edition"
If it is absent you are running the 32 bit version of IE.
32-Bit IE:

64-Bit IE

For Java:
How to know if the 32 or 64 bit version of the Java is used?
On the dos command window do type:
java -version
On the 64-bit version there will be the text
....64-Bit Server VM
Where on the 32-bit version there is nothing written about the 32-bit version
32-Bit Java

64-bit Java



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