Can I use DALI on the PCD3.T666?

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The program memory on the PCD3.T666 is suitable for communication control and online parameterization via the DALI Config FBox but not for storing the configuration data.

All media at the PCD3.T666 are volatile, means the content is lost on power down.

It's not critical for the operation because the DALI parameters are stored in the DALI ballast devices.

But also the web application couldn't be loaded on the PCD3.T666 because of the limited flash size.


Use DALI on the PCD3.T666 if:
- on the PCD3.T666 only online DALI configuration via FBox and send / receive of control commands are required
   then it's possible to use up to 4 DALI interfaces on the PCD3.T666

Do not use DALI on the PCD3.T666 if:
- the full DALI functionality with ballast configuration via web pages is required
  For such cases we recommend to use a PLC with SD Flash for example PCD3.M3330 (R600 Module + 3x DALI),
  or PCD3.M5560 for up to 4 DALI modules.



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