Why on PG5 2.1.3xx a timeout errors appear during communication with some MP-Bus units?

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The FBox 'MP Single' does indicate a Error and the code 23 (Timeout error) is displayed on the FBox.

This might happen when importing an older PG5 project (PG5 1.4.300 or 2.0) which work fine before in PG5 2.1.3x0.

Of course also this might happen with a brand new project created with PG5 2.1.3x0.


An error was introduce in the Belimo library version 2.7.154!

Use the Belimo library version $2.7.304 in attachment or newer!

This error was not present in PG5 2.0.xxx Belimo library 2.6.xxx
In PG5 2.1.xxx in the Belimo library version 2.7.155 an additional freeze bit was implemented to avoid inter-characters gaps when for example MP-Bus and Bacnet are used on the CPU.
If this new functionality is needed also on a PG5 2.0.xxx project please use the Belimo library 2.6.224 or newer available on our support site under:




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