Web-Editor 8, why it’s not possible to select a single alarm line from the web alarming template?

FAQ #101888

Due of an error in the alarming templates included in the Web-Edtior8 it’s not possible to select a single alarm in the online and offline alarming template and therefore to acknowledge or delete alarms from the list.

The error was fixed in the version of the Web-Edtior8 (included in the SP1 for PG5 2.1.300)


On the web-browser or on the microbrower display it's not possible to select a single line in the web alarming template.

Do install a newer version of the Web-Editor8 (at least the version

Open the web-project in the Web-Editor8, delete the alarming template from the web page, drag and drop the alarming template from the library in to the web-page and insert the Alarming PPO name in to the template.
Compile and load the web-page in to the PCD.



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