Why is BACnet no longer working after an update of the BACnet Device Fbox?

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With the update of the BACnet Device Fbox from the Version 205002 to 205003, this Fbox creates a monitoring Object for BACnet, which needs symbols.

This symbols are not created automatically if the 'update Fbox' functionality of PG5 is used.


After an update of the BACnet Device Fbox, BACnet does't work anymore.
The error output of the BACnet Device Fbox is always high.
All Fboxes switch to a fallback mode without using BACnet.

The reason is because of the missing symbols for the new monitoring object inside of the Fbox.
During the update of the Fbox, these symbols aren't created automatically.
Because of that, the control function of this Fbox does switch off BACnet because of the missing feedback.

Add manually the symbols with a rightmouse click on the Fbox and click on "Add predefined symbols".
Click "ok" if a small window appears.



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PG5 2.0 / FBox Libraries

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