Why, it’s not possible to login to the web-page, the user login on the Web-Editor 8 doesn’t work?

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The web-editor 8 does have a new user access control which does allow defining up to 100 users.

For each user it’s possible to define an own password, start page and language.


It’s necessary that on the user defintion window, on the language row there have to be a language seleted for each user.

If the language is not selected on this row, then the login on the web page doesn’t work.


If there is no language selected on the user definition then the login on the web page doesn't work

To be able to select a language you have to define the language(s) on the translations window of the Web-Editor 8 by clicking on the ‘Configure languages’ button and adding the languages which you want.

After this do save and close the translation window and the user window and do open again the user window and there to select for each user a language.

After this do compile and load the project in to the PCD and the login should work correctly.



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