On the web browser or MB-Display, why the message 'Value out of bounds' is shown when trying to change a value with format DEC.1?

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If for example on the S-Web editor a register value is defined with the format DEC.1 with the

limit min. value 10.0 and

limit max value 50.0.

If now this page is displayed in the browser and you want to modifiy the value with the value 20.0,

then the error message 'Value out of bounds 10.0..50.0' is displayed and it's not possible to modify the value.



On the S-Web Editor it's NOT possible to define limit values with . (Dot) values (DEC.1, DEC.2.....)!


Modify the limit value as

min 100 (for 10.0) and

max 500 (for 50.0)

If you want to enter the value 20.1 on the browser do enter the value 20.1.



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