What are the differences between the firmware versions of the WVGA MB Panels?

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This FAQ lists the main changes which have been implemented in the firmware 1.22.09 and 1.20.38 (first official version) for the PCD7.D450WTPF/Z11 (based on ST3-R platform).


Firmware version 1.22.09 (September 2013)

New features

  • Support for connection to a password protected web server (for the security upgrade)
  • Support for Web Server password (for the security upgrade)
  • Support for Binary Trend
  • Setup: Support for SNTP timer server and time zones
  • Setup: Configuration of FTP and Web Server
  • Setup: Status information of configured web connections
  • Setup: Scanning of the local network for PCD's
  • Support for new SBC File System format as used in the PCD FW 1.20.xx. With improved
    speed and increased number of files. Date and time stamps are now supported.
  • Automatic centering for web projects, which are smaller than the physical screen dimensions.
  • Size of the orange message box in the upper left corner is adjustable.

Main corrections

  • FTP user root is disabled by default
  • Setup: Fixed crash when changing language 
  • Fixed freeze of uBrowser in low memory situation when using DDL, FileViewer or Alarming
  • Default value of focus border width is now 0
  • Bug fix in Alarm macro, if the macro is not height enough to display at least one line
  • Bug fix in parsing double or int values, remove leading spaces in PPO values for comparison
  • Adjust array of points in polygon and line painters, with the scale factor
  • S-Service is now supported on all panels
  • If the maximum amount of objects in a .teq is reached a message is written into the log
  • LCD is now turned off, if back light is turned off in order to prevent (reversible) ghost images

Firmware version 1.20.38 (April 2013)

First official version for 5" WVGA MB Panels



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