Why the web page isn't displayed on the MB or pWeb Panel with the setting order of file search 'local before remote' but 'remote before local' works?

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You have a web project stored on a PCD and you try to display this project on a MB or pWeb Panel.

When the panel settings 'order of file search' is set to 'remote before local' then it works in the proper way. But if this setting is 'local before remote' then the web page is not displayed and there is an message 'start.htm File not found' on the screen.


This behavior occurs only, if the web page from the S-Web editor project has the name 'start.htm' or 'status.htm'. The reason of the behavior is, that this sites 'start.htm' and 'status.htm' are stored in the FW of the panel as pure html files and not as 'java compatible files' and therefore the MB/pWeb panel isn’t able to display this sites.
You have two possibilities to solve the problem:
- set the setting order of file search to 'remote before local'
- change the name of the S-Web editor htm file to an other name then 'start.htm' or 'status.htm'.

This behavior occurs on all FWs



PCD7 / D4xx (MB Panel)

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