PCD7.D4x0WTPF, PCD7.D412DTPF and PCD7.D412DT5F web-panels are not able to display web-pages from a PCD over RS485

FAQ #101848

With the web-panels mentioned below it's not possible to connect PCD's with S-Bus over RS485 to the web-panel and to display the web-pages stored on the PCD.

The only possible connection type to display web-pages from PCD's is HTTPDirect (Ethernet connection).

The following web-panels don't have an RS485 interface:





The PCD7.D412DT5F has an integrated RS485 port.

It's also possible to add a second serial port by means of a module PCD7.F1xxS but the serial ports can only be used from the PLC program, which is embedded in the device and not from the web-panel.




PCD7 / D4xx (MB Panel)

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