Is Visi.Plus working with Windows CE ?

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Visi.Plus is not working together with Windows CE.


Windows CE is not supported by Visi.Plus at all.

There are two ways that end customer can work with Visi.Plus to monitor the process.

1. Visi.Plus is installed on the Windows CE and Graphic Editor (either locally or remotely) is used for monitoring the process.

This does not work because Windows CE is a reduced operating system. 
Some Windows parts are missing which are necessary for Visi.Plus.

2. Visi.Plus is installed on a normal Windows PC and other Windows CE machines are connected over Webserver (pWeb) and Webbrowser connection to the Visi.Plus server machine.

This does not work also because the Webserver (pWeb) - Webbrowser connection requires JAVA classes to be run on both PC's and the Windows CE does not have the necessary JAVA classes.



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