Why can't I assign a statically addressed array to the FBox "6 Way Actuator MP"?

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When assigning a fixed base address to the symbols of the "Cooling start range" in the adjust parameters from the FBox "MP 6 Way", the build of the PG5 project due fail due to an error.


After having assigned a statically address user defined symbol to the "Cooling start range" of the Belimo MP Bus FBox "MP Actuator 6 Way" as shown below:
then the build will fail due to the error:

Error 1211: Fupla.fbd: Line 7164: Too many initializers: _BELIMO.Bus_5.__mac__tkhilq.InitRs, in Block: Zoning, Page: 6, FBox: MP Actuator 6 Way (Macro: BEL__Mod, Line 91)

This phenomenon occurs in PG5 2.0 as well as in 2.1.

This error is provoked by the fact that in the MP Bus FBox library an array of 6 symbols is initialized on one single line, which is not supported in case the base address is defined statically.

During the month of August, 2013 the updated library $2.7.153 for the Belimo MP Bus for PG5 2.1 will be made available on the support site; with this updated library the base address of the "Cooling start range" can be addressed statically if required.

It the update of the library is not possible, consider mapping the relevant registers (which are not statically addressed) to statically addressed registers using the FBox "Move Integer".


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